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SEMA Speaks Up For Our Hobby

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I just got back from SEMA 2012 and WOW, what an event! Cars and Trucks of every make, color, and description were on display... from Street Rods and Customs to new vehicles that look like they just returned from Outer Space. Manufacturers showed and introduced new products with modern technology, all to make vehicles run better, cleaner, while adding horsepower at the same time.

Accessories were exhibited to enhance the visual affects of the automobile including exotic wheels, a rainbow of new paint in every finish imaginable plus, all the newest in tire design. Everything you can think of to individualize your car no matter how wild your imagination. This year, the SEMA Show stretched to new levels in every aspect of the industry. And all the celebrities and “icons” were on hand to “meet and greet” those in attendance. Even Barry Mequiar was on hand signing autographs!

As a guest of SEMA SAN (Specialty Equipment Marketing Association SEMA Action Network), I was so fortunate discuss the goals and direction we’re going-in to protect our industry and the “collector car” hobby. I had the opportunity to discuss some of the new legislation recently passed in Wyoming with Representative Stan Blake an avid supporter, “car guy,” and a legislator that really understands our cause.

To help recruit new SEMA SAN members, Colby Martin (SEMA Government and Public Affairs Manager) enlisted close friend Jimmy Shine from SPEED Channel’s “Car Warriors”. Their efforts were tremendously successful in signing up hundreds of new members including SoCal car builder BodieStroud, who pledged his full support to SEMA SAN. Getting the information to hobbyists, making them knowledgeable to the importance of regulating pending legislation to benefit both the industry and the collector car community, will protect our passion of the automobile. Whether an old, new, stock, modified, racer, or daily driver SEMA SAN will ensure the future of “Collector Cars.” It was amazing to see the number of new members recruited at the four day event.

My friend Ron Bartolomei, an avid car builder and I walked the many displays at SEMA and talked to the various manufacturer representatives at the show. It was apparent to us that our hobby is growing rapidly not only in the United States, but in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Turkey, and most of South America. The influence of the American “Hot Rod” is everywhere and SEMA SAN is here to benefit enthusiasts around the world.

Speaking of SEMA SAN benefits, last year Collector Car Appreciation Day was celebrated in all 50 states, in Canada, and Australia. Promoted by SEMA SAN and passed unanimously in the US Senate, this annual day of recognition calls attention to the overwhelming fact that historically the automobile has had tremendous impact on both technology and the economy. It is imperative that legislators, both national and local, recognize this contribution and join with members of SEMA SAN to nurture and protect this valuable historical asset.

I had a blast at SEMA 2012 and look forward to next year. But I also look forward to “Collector Car Appreciation Day” on July 12, 2013, where as a hobbyist and a member of SEMA SAN I can help promote the importance of my passion. Make your voice heard too… join SEMA SAN Today! (



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