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Saturday, 30 April 2016 11:48

Put a lid on it

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Here's the deal - We're prepping for a #RoadTrip pulling a 26' travel trailer that will take us across 9 Western U.S. states in 23-days. At every stop, we'll be base camping the trailer at some pretty cool campsites, while checking out the local area with the truck. Although the #F150 Supercrew has a ton of

room in the cab, it's not an ideal place to put tools, firewood, or other camping essentials. But,since it's risky leaving anything in an open truck bed unattended, not to mention

the intrusion from Mother Nature with rain and snow, we started researching truck shells. The original plan was to contact a SnugTop dealer, but since "Blue Flame" isn't a common color, we thought we'd search to see what pops-up. Fortunately, the guys at Torrance Shell Center just got in a Blue Flame shell in great condition. Not only does it match the truck, it comes with screened sliding side windows, drop-down front window, and locking rear window. The interior is complete with carpeting and a rear dome light. We called Jimmy at the shop - (310)326-2124 and capped the deal before someone else realized the shell was available. We just happened to be heading down to San Diego, so we setup a time to swing by Torrance, CA to pick it up.

Weighing-in at approximately 150 lbs, the installers opted to lift the shell up onto the truck bed with a forklift and easily slipped the shell into place; a few minutes later they had all six clamps bolted down with no new holes drilled. In no time, the shell was washed, on the truck, clamped-down, and ready to roll. A corner of a screen was out of place, so they took the time to pull off the window frame and fixed it on the spot. The guys did a great job and their customer service rocked.

Check out Torrance Shell Center on Facebook at -> or give them a call at (310)326-2124. Tell 'em AutoAdix Magazine sent you!


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