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Sunday, 24 November 2013 02:25

PHOTOS: Coachmen Islands Cruise, Newbury Park - 2013

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Over 100 cars cruise to the Island's Cruise in Newbury Park, CA. organized by the Coachmen of Ventura County. With the Car Show and Cruising season in full swing, the AutoAdix Magazine crew dropped-by a local car meet in Newbury Park organized by the Coachmen of Ventura County.
Article and photos by: Glenn Eldridge
This show is always delivers with over 100 unique and satisfying cars on display. The Island's Cruise is held on the 1st Saturday of each month from 4pm - 8pm and is organized by a group of passionate car enthusiasts

Bobby's Impala is one of my favorites, not because it's such a cool car but because Bobby and his wife put their life's passion into the car. Bobby is a prime example of an auto addict. You can see Bobby at most of the So Calif car shows and isn't afraid to drive this awesome ride!
We didn't have enough time to capture the photos of all the cars at this event, but we have some very cool rides to show you... check these out!

We first met Tom at our Cruizin' with Johnny Rockets Camarillo Car Meets back in 2010. This Auto Addict is consume with his passion for perfection in his Camaro. Yes, he pampers his ride with only 4,500 miles on it but I'm sure we'd do the same. Tom tells us the Dyno numbers resulted with 651 RWHP... Incredible show car with awesome power. Nice work Tom, we'll be talking to you more real soon!



There's no denying... the owner of this Buick fits perfectly into the category of an Auto Addict. Every inch of the car was meticulously designed and implemented. We were lucky to grab these photos in between the many cameras hovering around this beauty.


Our good friend Noel brought his '65 Barracuda. 
We need more photos Mr. Nasty!

With attention to every detail, this convertible is over-the-top. 
Click on the photos and get a close look!



And of course we had to take a photo of our own project car. Thanks to Ray McClelland of Full Throttle Kustomz in Oxnard, CA, our 2003 Mustang Cobra had a gain of 77 RWHP and 130lbs of torque from an install of pulleys, 80# injectors, AFCO heat exchanger, and a JLT Cold-air intake. Watch for an article on this install with Ray's tune over the next few weeks.

There are so many great stories at this event Thanks to the Coachmen for bringing such cool cars and awesome auto addicts together each month!

Here are a few more great rides!








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