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Sunday, 15 December 2013 10:51

Cruisin for a Cure 2013

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2013 Prostate Cancer Survivors 2013 Prostate Cancer Survivors Scott F Welch
Article by: Glenn Eldridge -  How many car shows have you been to that have hundred of cars on display,  raise money for a  good cause, or simply give you a gearhead fix? How about a show that does all three and much more.


Before we get to the cars, let’s introduce Debbie Baker the founder of Cruisin for a Cure and take you behind the scene. Debbie’s husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1996, which explains the dedication and passion she has for this show. She is determined to educate men on prostate cancer and save the lives of men by providing free prostate screening. In fact, Debbie was instrumental getting September declared as National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

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In 1999, she organized the first Cruisin for a Cure event at the Spectrum mall parking lot in Irvine, CA. Although a small event, it was apparently quite popular. In 2000, Cruisin for a Cure moved to the Verizon Amphitheatre, which was the site for the historic Lion Country Safari and brought in 600 cars. Not bad for the second year.

By the third year, it was clear that Cruisin for a Cure connected with a lot of people. She again moved the show to the now closed El Toro Marine Airbase using six-miles of runways. Not only did this show get on the map, it became the largest one-day charity car show in the world. Over 3,200 cars attended Cruisin for a Cure in 2001. Debbie tells us that the freeway was so packed with people coming to the show, she was concerned that the CHP would shut down the access road.

Debbie partners with Ross Kroenert, who’s father also had prostate cancer. Together, they organize this epic event and have saved hundreds of lives.

Due to its size, the show is now held at the spacious Orange County Fairgrounds. This year, just over 3,000 cars registered. But more importantly, because of Debbie’s vision, over 150 lives are saved each year from the free screening men receive at the show. Early detection is extremely important and does make a difference.

The success of the Cruisin for a Cure event is driven by the number of men that test for prostate cancer and truly saves lives. This show is made-up of many survivors., but Debbie tells us she never knows who’s life is saved until  a letter or phone call is received from the wife or the man saved. One such heart warming message was, “Thank you for doing the show, thank you for saving my life.” ...can’t get any better than that!

As you can imagine, organizing an event is a 24/7 job. Like all the Cruisin’ for a Cure volunteers, Debbie and Ross volunteer their time; “We ALL do this because we believe and know that you cannot put a price on a life and lives we continue to save.”

This show was well organized and ran like clock work. Thanks for a great show and for saving lives!
- AutoAdix


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