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Glenn Eldridge - Managing Editor

Glenn Eldridge - Managing Editor (5)

Although born in Boston, I spent most of my life in Southern California. When growing-up, everything I did revolved around cars. When still young enough to win the sympathy vote to ride shotgun over my brother and sister, I used to watch my Dad drive and mimicked his every move. My first driving experience was behind the wheel in a '66 Mustang was in my early teens. Although I never physically drove before, I had enough virtual practice to let me drive it like a champ. My first car was a '64 Comet thanks to my Sister. Favorite cars owned: '66 Mustang and '69 Camaro. My first engine build was a Ford 289, which powered the '66 Stang through a high 12-second pass in the 1/4. I designed the engine based on what I learned from automotive mags. My current toys are late model including an '07 Mustang and '03 Cobra. A future project expects to be a '69 Camaro or '69 Mach I.

I spent most of my career as a tech geek, which led me to a vision many years ago to write a magazine that would look just like print, but homed on a computer screen and would include audio and video. Back then the Internet technology wasn't quite ready, but today it is. Check out to see the beginnings of that vision. I wanted the magazine to be a bit different, where it focuses more on those with the passion than the car itself. Everyone has at least one great story about their automotive experience and their projects as we'll learn in future issues and articles on


Friday, Oct 16 2015
How cool would it be to change the oil in your car as easy as you change the batteries in your flashlight? Well, thanks to Castrol that coolness has arrived! Check this out...


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