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1972 Pantera cooling system fix - VFR Racing

While at the Vista Ford dealership in Oxnard getting the oil changed for my Son's Explorer, I saw Tony Fiori (General Manager) walk out of the shop with grease on his hands.

Impressed that an executive would get his hands dirty at work, I asked what he was working on. His grin led me back to his 1972 Pantera and a few cooling upgrades. With my phone's camera at the ready, I captured a couple of shots of what he was up to.

Tony wasn't happy that his exotic mid-engine Ford was running up to 220 degrees. Rightly so, considering the early Pantera is known for overheating during stop 'n go driving and the notorious engine run-on after the key is shut-off. According to Tony's findings, the original fans were set too far back from the front side of the radiator and without any fan shrouds. They just weren't pushing enough air through the radiator.

His solution was to fit two - 1250 CFM fans on the back side of the radiator allowing air to be sucked through the radiator. To get closer to the cold air he changed the angle of the radiator by leaning it forward. The results are expected to increase the air coming through the radiator thus providing a stronger cooling process.

We found a great resource with lots of details for those interested ->

The original fans removed not only have small blades, but are pretty heavy










The new fans have a greater CFM and are significantly lighter

I have a lot of respect for a general manager of two huge Ford car dealerships and Vista Ford Racing, who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty! Tony is no stranger to street performance as you'll see from upcoming articles!

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Glenn Eldridge

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