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Plug and Play Oil Changes are here

How cool would it be to change the oil in your car as easy as you change the batteries in your flashlight? Well, thanks to Castrol that coolness has arrived! Check this out...

Castrol has developed an oil cell that sits in the engine bay and looks like it's the size of the car's battery. The simplicity of the Nexcel oil cell is that it contains both the oil and the filter and to change the oil is simply a matter of lifting the cell out and slipping the new cell into place. No more car lifts, messy draining, or figuring-out when and where to take the old oil.

Castrol says that their oil cell will increase recycling of oil, which makes sense since the cell is enclosed in one container and is easily lifted out of its craddle. Although this is certainly huge, we waiting for a response from Castrol for more data. Scroll down to watch the video to see just how easy Castrol's Nexcel will make our oil changes in the future!

It appears that the Nexcel is not yet available, but Castrol says that the Aston Martin Vulcan track-only Supercar will be the first car to sport the Nexcel allowing lightning fast oil changes! 

Aston Martin Vulcan track-only Supercar to be the first vehicle to feature Nexcel oil cell technology

Scroll down to see the video!


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