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tive aftermarket has grown to be a $30 billion dollar
                                                           industry with seemingly no end in sight. Today, SEMA
                                                           sports some 6,600 members worldwide.
                                                             I  attended  my  first  SEMA  Show  in  November  of
                                                           1990 in Las Vegas when I arrived at Car Craft Maga-
                                                           zine as a feature editor. It was an exciting time to be
                                                           alive with a wealth of new and exciting experiences.
                                                           SEMA 1990 was an overwhelming sensory assault of
                                                           aftermarket  manufacturers,  parts,  accessories,  and
                                                           people I would grow to know in the years ahead. In
                                                           fact we have become a huge extended family where
                                                           news travels fast and hands clasp thousands of time
                                                           daily in Las Vegas that first week in November.
                                                             Quite  frankly,  I’ve  never  enjoyed  the  SEMA  Show
                                                           not because it isn’t entertaining, but because my feet
                                                           have always been troublesome. Ingrown toenails, cal-
                                                           louses,  and  that  endless  battle  with  fungus.  By  the
                                                           time night falls, the dogs are barking loudly. Nonethe-
                                                           less, each and every SEMA Show is a smorgasbord of
                                                           exciting  new  products  and  a  vast  array  of  projects
                                                           turned show cars. Miles and miles of aftermarket ven-
                                                           dors showing their wares in hopes of boosting expo-
                                                           sure and sales in the year ahead. Each SEMA Show is
 THE QUINTESSENTIAL CAR CRAZY                              a sneak peek at public reaction to a product launch.

                                                           Cruising The Floor
                                                             Easily  the  biggest  news  at  SEMA  this  year  was
                                                           Ford’s 2015 Mustang, yet Ford had so much more in
                                                           store  with  an  array  of  new  and  exciting  high-
                                                           performance  engines,  drivelines,  suspension  innova-
                                                           tions,  hot  styling  technique,  and  more.  The  light-
                                                           weight 2015 aluminum F-150 — 700 pounds lighter.
                                                           Fusion, Focus, and Fiesta with wild and crazy styling
                                                           treatments along with dazzling Ecoboost turbo pow-
                                                           er. Big news for Mustang wasn’t the 430-horse Coy-
     since  1963,  when  it  was  founded  by  perfor-     ote V-8, but instead the 2.3L Ecoboost turbo four Ford
     mance  legends  Vic  Edelbrock,  Roy  Richter,  Ed    is considering offering as a crate engine for out of the
     Iskenderian, Willie  Garner,  Bob  Hedman,  Rob-      ordinary engine swaps.
     ert E. Wyman, John Bartlett, Phil Weiand, Jr., Al       Not to be outdone, General Motors planted roots
     Segal, Dean Moon, Vic Edelbrock, Jr., John Bart-
                                                           mid-floor with intoxicating LS power coupled with an
     lett, Paul Schiefer, Harry Weber, Dempsey Wil-
                                                           exhibit  of  new  and  exciting  innovations.  GM  surely
     son,Willie  Garner,  and  Bob  Spar.  Since  that     has  the  market  covered  for  engine  and  driveline
     time more than a half-century ago the automo-

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