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SEMA Cont...                       swaps  into  vin-     bility and precision of a 2-component coating with-

                                         tage  rides.  With    out  using a paint gun. A special two-chamber de-
      a credit card and talent, you can swap a complete        sign mixes the ceramic fortified coating and activa-
      LS  V-8  and  driveline  into  your  classic  Camaro  or   tor  in  the  can.  This  is  but  one  example  of  what
      Chevy II in a genuine plug and play system.              Eastwood had on hand at SEMA. Eastwood enables
                                                               you to do just about anything at home giving you
         All of the usual suspects were out there on the
                                                               the freedom to learn how all by yourself.
      floor peddling their wares with a wealth of exciting
      new  products  engineered  to  make  the  going  fun.    With a huge focus on doing it yourself, there was
      Easily the most obvious message at SEMA this year        plenty  of  commercial  and  private  shop  support
      was doing more of it yourself. Plenty of terrific sup-   equipment  to  drool  over.  Light-duty  lifts  you  can
      port equipment you can buy for your home garage.         install in your home garage. High-caliber steel work
      The  Eastwood  Company  pioneered  do  it  yourself      benches  and  rollaway  tool  chests.  Body  working
      automobile restorations by creating and marketing        tools. Portable front end alignment fixtures. Parts
      products  that  bring  professional  grade  tools  and   cleaning  machines.  Media  blast  cabinets.  Classy
      equipment into your workshop. Eastwood’s new 2-          storage  cabinets.  Groovy  garage  floor  coverings.
      Component Ceramic Aero Spray Paint has the dura-         More than your imagination can muster.

                                                                            Master Lock & Waterloo

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