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                                                                                         LEFT:  Call  it  crazy  what
                                                                                         you can do with your deal
                                                                                         on  wheels.  CustomWrap
                                                                                         enables  you  to  change
                                                                                         your  ride’s  demeanor
                                                                                         without  visiting  a  body
                                                                                         shop.  Body  wrapping  is
                                                                                         the latest craze in vehicle
                                                                                         identification.  And  this  is
                                                                                         something  you  can  do

      RIGHT:  Eastwood’s  exhibit  had
      enough  going  for  it  to  get  your      Danchuk
      motor  running.  Next  door  was
      Danchuk  Tri-Five  parts  and  ac-
      cessories  for  1955-57  shoebox
      Chevys.  No  matter  how  much
      time  passes,  Tri-Five  Chevys  re-
      main hot in the marketplace be-
      cause  they  represent  a  popular
      bygone era.

     LEFT: Master Lock and Waterloo
     offer a huge variety of shop sup-
     port and security equipment. We
     cruised  this  exhibit  dreaming  of

     how to make a mundane garage

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