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             AUTOADIX  MAGAZINE                                           In  a  world  where  manufacturers
                                                                          are  delivering  cars  off  the  line
                        Glenn Eldridge                          that  are  faster,  more  comfortable,  and
                                                                more affordable with modern styling that
                      Julie Friel Eldridge                      brings  out  the  kid  in  all  of  us,  it’s  pretty
                                                                common  to  own  a  car  that  doubles  as  a
                     CONTRIBUTORS                               daily driver and weekend warrior.

                           Jim Smart
                         Doug Newell                            Auto  enthusiast  skills  are  more  technical
                           Bob Beck
                       Johnny Martinez                          and  certainly  complex  compared  to  the
                                                                knowledge from 20 some years ago. What
                        TECHNICAL                               was once an engine build and a rear end
                        Robert Eldridge
                                                                swap  is  now  bolt-on  performance  mods
                      PHOTOGRAPHY                               and some carbon fiber body components.
                       Wesley Eldridge
                      Jackueline Eldridge                       Writing  articles  about  engine  cams,  gear
                         Rick Merkow                            ratios, and carburetors is technical candy

                                                                for classic builders. But with so much au-
                                                                tomotive passion focused on today’s turn-
         AutoAdix®  Online  Magazine  is    published           key  solutions,  our  future  issues  will  dig

         online with periodic special editions. All rights
                                                                deeper  into  the  heads  of  customizers  as
         are reserved. Copying or Reproduction of any
                                                                well as the guy or gal in the garage under
         material  or media from this publication or its
                                                                the hood in your next door neighbors gar-
         contents in part or in whole without expressed
         permission is strictly prohibited.

                                                                AutoAdix  Magazine is designed for online
                                                                reading with the look of a print magazine.
         Articles and information found in this publica-
                                                                Here’s  how  we’re  different…  In  most  of
         tion are for entertainment purposes and may
         be based on experiences of others. Please use          our  issues,  you  will  enjoy  video,  audio,

         common sense and caution, when working on              slideshows,  and  much  more.  Plus,  in  fu-
         your car or other projects. If you are unsure if       ture  issues  you  will  have  the  option  to
         your  project  is  safe,  seek  professional  advice   purchase  a  printed  version  of  the  maga-
         before proceeding.
                                                                zine  issue  you  want  and  have  it  shipped
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