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Turn-up the Speakers!

         If  you are reading this at AutoAdixMaga-               fire-up  the  phone  or  PC  and  visit  Au-, welcome to the full media version,     to enjoy the expe-
       where your automotive addiction comes alive               rience.
       with  sound,  slideshows,  and  even  video.                       When  you  see  a  speaker  icon

       W e ’re  sure  you’re  just  as  passionate  about                 like  this,  just  turn  up  your
       the  automotive  industry  as  we  are,  so  we                    speakers and click on the speak-
       thought  we’d  change  things  up  a  bit.  If            er to listen to a short audio clip relating
       you’re reading the print version of the maga-             to the article… how cool is that! If you

       zine  or  on  another  website,  you’ll  need  to         want  to  more  information,  hover  your
       visit us at to see and               mouse over an area you are interested in,
       hear what you’re missing.                                 if  a  link  exist,  click  on  the  area  that  is

       What if you had the option to listen to maga-             highlighted.
       zine narration, watch interviews, or check out            Here’s  a  sample,  the  below  John  Force
       a slideshow of photos right inside the maga-              video  interview  done  by  our  friends  at

       zine. Well, there’s a magazine for that.                  Horsepower  for  an  Hour.  Glenn  El-
       AutoAdix®  Magazine  brings  you  commen-                 dridge,  our  Managing  Editor  at  Au-

       tary  similar  to  a  radio  show  or  podcast  as        toAdix Magazine was up on stage in this
       well  as  audio  and  video  interviews,                  interview –AutoAdix
       slideshows, and much more. Of course, those
       of you reading the print version will have to

       John  Force  joined  us  on
       stage  at  the  Fabulous
       Fords Forever Car Show at
       Knott’s  Berry  Farm  in
       Buena  Park,  CA.  The
       show  is  organized  by  the
       Ford  Car  Club  Council,
       which  consists  of  over  40
       Ford  car  clubs.  Donny
       Caccasimice  and  Tom
       Spence  of Horsepower for
       an Hour  as  well  as Glenn
       Eldridge   of   AutoAdix
       Magazine  were  emcees  at
       the largest Ford enthusiast
       gathering  in  the  West.

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