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                                                                   DAN LONG’S
      Text by: Glenn Eldridge
                                                                   SEMA BUILD
      Photos by: Jacqueline Eldridge
             I  first  met  Dan  Long  on  the  last  day  of  the

             SEMA Show in 2012. Optima Battery was lining
      -up Dan’s GTO and several other cars they had select-
      ed  for  their  Optima  Ultimate  Street  Car  Invitational

      Challenge. Owners drove their street able track pre-
      pared SEMA cars from the Las Vegas Convention Cen-
      ter down the Las Vegas strip and on out to the Spring
      Mountain Motorsports Speedway 50-miles outside of


      Fast  forward  to  2014,  Dan  negotiated  an  exclusive
      deal with Chrysler to showcase the only 2015 Dodge
      Challenger at the 2014 SEMA show in Las Vegas, Ne-

      vada. The Challenger made its welcome comeback at
      a great time for the automotive industry with the re-
      turn  of  the  Camaro  and  ongoing  popularity  of  the
      Mustang. To earn an opportunity as the builder with

      the  only 2015  Challenger SEMA car and to create a
      work  of  art  worthy  of  the  SEMA  floor  showcase  is
      quite an honor; Dan’s Challenger exceeded all expec-

      Dan owns Downforce Motorsports located in Wiscon-

      sin  and  is  involved  heavily  with  the  National  Auto
      Sports Association (NASA). His unique talent for per-
      formance  and  style  has  attracted  sponsors  from

      around  the  country  including  Amsoil,  PPG,  AirLift,

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