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Nitto,  and  of  course  Chrysler                                          tells us that his goal was to not on-
      among  others.  Dan's  skillset  ex-                                       ly build a unique and stylish Chal-
      tends from his custom automotive                                           lenger,  but  a  track  worthy  com-
      shop  to  the  track  where  he  races                                     petitor.

      what he builds. He is an articulate
                                                                                 During the show, he was awarded
      custom  builder  with  attention  to
                                                                                 an  Optima  Challenge  Gold  Ticket,
      detail  and  has  produced  quality
                                                                                 which  invites  him  out  to  the  Las
      results that have caught the indus-
                                                                                 Vegas Motor Speedway for the 7th
      try's eye.
                                                                                 Annual Optima Ultimate Street Car
      According  to  Dan,  his  Challenger                                       Invitational. The Optima Challenge
      was  the  only  2015  Challenger  at  SEMA  with  the    would  put  the  car’s  aggressive  posture  and  Dan’s
      about to be released  Scat Pack. If you saw the new      track skills to the ultimate test.

      Challenger  in  person  that  was  Dan's  "Rapture."  He
                                                                The Rapture was delivered to Dan with a couple of

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