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ABOVE: Dan brings two-tone, dual personality color coordination to a whole new level.

     nice  Challenger  options  including  the  392  perfor-  Dan  designed  the  fully  functional  wing,  front  and

     mance option and the all-new Scat Pack appearance  rear fascia, and placement of the front rally lights to
     package. He worked with Murray Pfaff of Pfaff De-       perform on the track, while providing an aggressive
     signs in Detroit, Michigan for design and That's mi-    appearance on the street. Although he left the inte-
     nor Customs in Clinton Township, Michigan to per-       rior  mostly  stock,  Dan added  his  unique  styling  to

     form  the  paint  magic with  PPG  water  bourn paint   the interior along with a Rapture logo.
     right  down  to  the  wheel  matching  details  to  the
                                                             The buzz on the street is that the new SRT Challeng-
     car's paint theme.
                                                             er with the Scat Pack and 392 performance option
     The finish was unique, custom, and stylish. The driv-   are a big hit. Even with the 6.2 liter 707 Horsepower

     er's side of the car is a White Perl, which transitions   SRT  Hellcat,  the  6.4  liter’s  485  horsepower  packs
     with multiple strips of Silver and Gray on the pas-     plenty  of  punch  for  those  up  for  the  challenge.
     senger side along with unique color that Dan calls      - AutoAdix
     Plum Insane (a takeoff from Plum Crazy).

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