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Bill's Blown V6 '33 Ford

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We spend a lot of time and car shows and cruises checking-out the cool rides and talking to the autoadix... We’re collecting some great articles for future editions of AutoAdix™ Magazine.

Bill's story was one of my favorites. This rare V6 '33 English Ford rips a 10.6 second 1/4 mile. Almost every facet of the car was customized and has some great history. You wouldn't know it but, this used to be a rag top, which is hard to see even up close. Nice work Bill.

The 371 sittin' on top of the V6 powerhouse was found in a school dumpster. The bus mechanic said these blowers aren’t really used anymore so, out the door it went. Bill couldn't locate a manifold to adapt, so he did what any crafty GearHead would do, he made his own.


He tells us that although he is a contractor by trade, and spent much of his life building toy’s like this in his spare time. Bill has certainly learned a lot of tricks. We understand he has a Woody sitting in his garage that’s just as fast.



In case you didn't catch it in the picture above,
Bill used a Red Bull can to house his boost gauge… seems appropriate.









Front to back, this '33 is truly a beast. We'll definitely visit Bill in the future and get some gear wrenchin' details about how he pieced this baby together.

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Glenn Eldridge

Glenn focuses on automotive writing, photography, videography, and is a technology geek. Projects include AutoAdix Magazine and RV Adix Magazine. Everything he did in life revolved around working on cars, cruising, and racing. Favorite rides owned - a '66 Mustang, '69 Camaro, and a '72 Vette. He built his first engine (Ford 289) during high school, which powered his '66 Mustang through a high 12-second 1/4 mile pass. Glenn prefers the road course but, is into straight-line and playing off-road as well. Current toys include modified '07 GT/CS and '03 Cobra Mustangs. Future projects - '69 Camaro or '69 Mach I pro-touring build.

Be sure to say hi, when you see him at an event!

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